Save the UMD Golf Course

Green space is just the beginning

Thanks for your Support!

Thanks to the outreach by supporters, including the many politicians (especially Attorney General Doug Gansler and Delegate Jolene Ivey) that came out in opposition to the potential razing of the University of Maryland Golf Course, Greenberg Gibbons has decided to forgo the proposal to build on the course!

On October 23, Brian Gibbons (Chairman & CEO of Greenberg Gibbons) sent a letter to President Loh indicating that his company would begin focusing on the Route 1 Corridor, rather than developing over the course. This is the right course of action to anyone wanting to contribute to easing the traffic woes or improving the retail needs of the University and surrounding communities.

This chapter of potential redevelopment is closed, yes. But that doesn’t mean we will be any less vigilant in keeping this beautiful green space available for years to come.

Read the full article here.

Read the letter from Mr. Gibbons to Dr. Loh here.

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