Save the UMD Golf Course

Green space is just the beginning


During the latter half of 2013, the Maryland Golf Course Coalition (MGCC) worked with local political, community, and environmental leaders to oppose the Greenberg Gibbons concept for re-purposing the Golf Course to an “Academic Village” and building a new access road to the campus. The letter sent by Mr. Gibbons to Dr. Loh on October 23, 2013, stating that “we have no present plans to submit either our concept plan or development proposal to the University,” ended what some folks have labeled as “round one.”

The MGCC remains vigilant for any indication of a potential “round two.” We meet periodically to strategize how to strengthen our network of contacts willing to help us in the future…if required. To that end please contact an MGCC board member if you hear anything about the Golf Course that you feel would be of mutual concern.

[Note: See listing under the “Board Members” tab on this homepage with direct links to personal e-mail addresses.] If you know of an individual or organization that might want to learn more of our past activities or may be helpful to our cause in the future, please inform an MGCC member. Thanks!

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