Save the UMD Golf Course

Green space is just the beginning

What can you do to help?

As soon as possible, we suggest you contact the University of Maryland Chancellor, the President, the Senior VP and Provost, the VP Student Affairs, the Director of Athletics, the Chairman of the Board of Regents, as well as your local and state representatives to voice your disapproval. Suggested points to mention include

  • Loss of a valued green-space
  • Loss of a source of pride for not only the University, but for the local communities as well
  • Loss of a valuable fund-raising tool for the university
  • Loss of a facility that brings alumni back to campus
  • A lack of process and openness by the University Administration has excluded key stakeholders in the decision-making.

Below is a list of those we suggest you contact:

University of Maryland

Dr. Wallace Loh, President
Dr. Mary Ann Rankin, Senior VP and Provost
Mr. Carlo Colella, VP for Administration and Finance
Dr. Linda Clement, VP for Student Affairs
Ms. Amy Eichhorst, Executive Director, University Alumni Assoc.

State Government

Governor Larry Hogan Email Gov. Hogan
Lieutenant Governor Boyd Rutherford Email Lt. Gov. Rutherford
State Comptroller Peter Franchot Email Comptroller Franchot
State Treasurer Nancy Kopp Email Treasurer Kopp
Congressman Steny Hoyer Email Cong. Hoyer
Congressman Anthony Brown Email Cong. Brown
Senator Benjamin Cardin Email Sen. Cardin
Senator Chris Van Hollen Email Sen. Van Hollen
Prince Georges County Executive Rushern Baker Email Executive Baker
Maryland Senate President Mike Miller Email Senator Miller
Maryland House Speaker Michael Busch Email Speaker Busch
State Senator Jim Rosapepe Email Senator Rosapepe
State Senator Paul Pinksy Email Senator Pinksy
State Delegate Tawanna P. Gaines (D22) Email Delegate Gaines
State Delegate Anne Healey (D22) Email Delegate Healey
State Delegate Alonzo T. Washington (D22) Email Delegate Washington
State Delegate Barbara A. Frush (D21) Email Delegate Frush
State Delegate Joseline Peña-Melnyk (D21) Email Delegate Peña-Melnyk
State Delegate Diana M. Fennell (D47A) Email Delegate Fennell
State Delegate Jimmy Tarlau (D47A) Email Delegate Tarlau
State Delegate Carlo Sanchez (D47B) Email Delegate Sanchez

Local Government

County Council Member Jolene Ivey Email Member Ivey
County Council Member Mary Lehman Email Member Lehman
County Council Member Danielle Glaros Email Member Glaros
County Council Member Mel Franklin Email Member Franklin
County Council Member Deni Taveras Email Member Taveras
County Council Member Calvin Hawkins Email Member Hawkins
College Park Mayor Patrick L. Wojahn Email Mayor Wojahn
CP Councilmember Monroe Dennis Email Mr. Dennis
CP Councilmember Fazlul Kabir Email Mr. Kabir
CP Councilmember Denise Mitchell Email Ms. Mitchell
CP Councilmember Kate Kennedy Email Ms. Kennedy
CP Councilmember Dustyn Kujawa Email Ms. Kujawa
CP Councilmember John Rigg Email Mr. Rigg
CP Councilmember Robert Day Email Mr. Day
CP Councilmember PJ Brennan Email Mr. Brennan
CP City Manager Scott Somers Email Mr. Somers
CP Planning Director Terry Schum Email Ms. Schum
Former Governor Parris Glendening Email Gov. Glendening
Liaison to Frm Gov. Glendening, Brian Lutenegger Email Mr. Lutenegger


  1. I attended the meeting at the clubhouse on 12 Sep on behalf of the University Hills Area Civic Association (400 homes) and distributed your information to members of our our electronic list serve to include the email addresses of the UM administrators.

    I received an email earlier today from a resident indicating that the email addresses are not valid for at least Dr. Kirwin and Dr. Loh. Could it be they have changed email addresses as a result of public uproar over this proposed project?

    • It’s possible that their inboxes are full, and it’s possible that the addresses have been changed. I ran a test on the email addresses, and they both came back valid. If we get updates, we’ll be sure to change the info on this page.

      Thanks for calling this to our attention!

  2. What a great month at the Golf Course with events providing needed funds for Wrestling, Field Hockey, Ladies Lacrosse, and Men’s Basketball! All told these events will raise in excess of $100,000 — remember it was just last year when the University of Maryland had to cut sports!

    Now do they also want to eliminate one of the best fundraising tools available to the campus staff and administrators? Why would they do that?

    Next week the Smith College of Business and Management will restart an event that it held for years — projected funds raised will exceed $100,000 — that will make $200,000 raised in 30 days to help the campus — what is it that President Loh doesn’t understand about this course and its benefits to the University?

    Could it be that he never even bothered to ask the question “What does the Golf Course do for Our Institution?” before he started a campaign to eliminate it… Sad but true! To make matters worse we heard first hand that high ranking state officials were told that the Maryland Golf Team doesn’t use the course — they due. Same officials were told they use another nearby facility much more than the Maryland course — that information was wrong by over 400 rounds! To make matters worse they even cooked up some fuzzy math to make the financial performance look bad.

    Email President Loh — tell him this is a BAD IDEA and HE SHOULD STOP CONSIDERING IT NOW!

    If we need money that bad maybe we can sell HIS new $7.2 million house and leave OUR golf course alone!

  3. Time to rise up and take back our school from administrators who have zero ties to our school, our state and our past. The golf course has been an embarrassment in the ACC for years and is finally coming into it’s potential as a great course. It does NOT always have to come down to money contrary to what Dr. Loh seems to thrive on.

  4. This is what I sent to Loh:

    I am providing below an email that I have sent to the Chancellor and Provost. I will also forward this to anyone else who is willing to listen, to send the message that we’ve had enough of major wholesale changes you have made to our University without considering the community you are affecting. Have the guts to sell your ideas to the constituents of the University in an open forum. If your ideas make sense, we will listen and support you. But if they don’t, please heed our concerns. Your tenure at the University is temporary; until you move on to your next job. Our devotion to the University is deeply rooted. Don’t try to impress us by only taking a balance sheet approach to your stewardship of our treasure, show us that you care about the lives you are affecting, both on and off campus.


    I can’t tell you how upset I was to find out you were even considering a potential “repurposing” of the Golf Course. I know these are tough economic times, but to try to squeeze every dime out of every asset of the University without considering the impact on the history, tradition, and community of the University is appalling. Vast amounts of the University’s open and green spaces have dwindled over the years changing its character. This would be another significant blow to the University. Dr. Loh has forced through massive changes to my Alma Mater without considering how this affects the community, students and alumni.

    We were founders of the ACC. Everyone who attended the University considered themselves part of the ACC community. Dr. Loh pushed through a change over to the Big 10, where he has a history, and did so without inviting feedback from his constituency or explaining his reasoning and how he took our rich history in the ACC into consideration. We lost decades of history, tradition, rivalries and sense of community. It was supposedly under the guise of providing additional resources though sports revenues, but I question as to when that will ever come to fruition. With the penalties levied against the University, I wonder if we will ever break even. If we ever do produce a positive cash flow from the transaction, I wonder where these monies would go. What true benefit will we get from the very painful price we paid. And in the long run, was it really worth it to join the Big 10? My wife and I both graduated from the University and one of our daughters is currently attending (with another on the way). What happens to the University affects us directly. We, as a family, as well as many other families, consider the University as part of our community, our heritage, our lives. Dr. Loh can’t just look at a balance sheet when he considers the stewardship of our University, he has to consider the intangibles as well.

    Selling, or developing the land where the golf course stands is another example of trying to chase dollars at the cost of the University’s heritage, history, and community impact. Many alumni have treasured memories as well as current pleasure with the golf course. I, for one, can remember taking golf lessons from Fred Funk and I enjoy, and take pride in, taking friends there to play golf. And I belong to a country club where I can play for “free.” I wonder if Mr. Loh knows who Fred Funk is?

    Please force an open and transparent public discourse on this very important decision. We have lost decades of tradition in the ACC, let’s not lose another key element in our history and tradition.

  5. #saveUMDgolfcourse

  6. As a resident of Adelphi, bordering this beautiful sanctuary, I am saddened by what the University is in the process of doing, Dr. Loh’s response to my e-mail whas that the community would be contacted prior to any major decisions regarding the gold course, which I sadly understand now was inaccurate information he/his staff initially feed the community to keep us quiet. All elected officials are just that, we need to hold them accountable.

  7. This is deeply saddening to me. I grew up playing golf on this course. My first instructor, Jamie, was an assistant pro there, and he taught me the basics. I remember going to a golf camp there in middle school, and Coach Williams was hosting a golf tournament there. I got my hat signed by him, and I’ve kept that hat to this day. I ended up going to Michigan for both undergrad and law school, but always kept my Maryland routes, and that’s because of my experiences there at the golf course. I went back to the course for the first time in years this past summer after hearing that it got to host a Nationwide Tour event, and although the course is run down, the layout is really, really fantastic.

    MORE MONEY needs to be invested in this golf course. It has SO much potential. It is a big boy challenge you don’t come across often. It needs to be preserved.

  8. By routes, I mean roots. Representing Michigan well there…

  9. Please save our community golf course. It always seem “crooked” to me when a political official does not want to openly address the community on a decision that may affect them. If there is nothing to hide, then everyone should be given the opportunity to respond/provide feedback, especially in their neighborhood. How can we or why should we trust such political officials? Please reconsider your decision to get rid of our golf course. We are asking for open and transparent public discourse on this important decision.

  10. It is not surprising that these administrators are thinking of taking this action, after all we had to abandon the ACC because of the mis-management of money so why not this? It would be an absolute disgrace to take away this piece of our university history, I learned to play golf on this course when I arrived in College Park at age 18 and have been hooked on golf ever since. I would ask the powers that be to consider this very carefully, the answer is not more revenue in every situation. Or, maybe should we have the charity events at Paint Branch?

  11. I’m a 1979 graduate of U of MD. Some of the most vivid and fond memories I have of my years in College Park come from the time spent exploring the golf course. Whether it was jogging in the open space along the course with my super-gifted Terp football player-friend, or hanging out with my roommate (who was a talented member of the lacrosse team) and his wonderful dog Lucy, a Chesapeake Bay retriever, all seemed serene and calm on campus. We loved throwing tennis balls into the lake and watching Lucy retrieve them. Lucy loved swimming in the lake and we loved watching her, as we found bliss in the open space with towering trees, acres of grass and the relief it gave us from the “par for the course” stress our rigorous academic schedule demanded. I fervently oppose any development of the University of Maryland’s precious golf course.

    I posted this on WaPo tonight. I would like to help spread the word about this proposed project. I have many years of experience working at the grass roots level. Please contact me

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