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Current Update

On July 24, 2018, the University of Maryland administration, represented by the VP for Student Affairs, Dr. Linda Clement, and the VP for Administration and Finance, Mr. Carlo Colella, held a meeting at the UofMD GC clubhouse for Friends and Members of the course. The meeting, with 80-90 golf course stakeholders in attendance, was chaired by Mr. Colella. He began with a slideshow presentation of the conclusions of a review process that the University had conducted of “nearly twenty” potential sites for locating a new track and field complex, five intramural fields, and 600 parking spaces.

After this review, which included an assessment of the pro’s and con’s of each potential site, the University chose a portion of the Golf Course to be repurposed to accommodate the above. The University’s Facilities Council will meet in September to consider approval of this singular site. The current repurposing plan calls for Holes 1, 9,10, and 18 to be used. In approximate geographic terms…Hole 18 would be the location of the track and field complex…Holes 1 and 10 would be used for the 5 intramural fields…and Hole 9 would be used for the 600 parking spaces. After Mr. Colella finished his presentation, questions were taken from the audience. The meeting lasted approximately 90 minutes.

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